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Cyber attack reputational risk mitigation by RepShield

Cyber-Attack Reputational Risk Mitigation

The Risk

A data breach puts your reputation at stake. Various studies that measured the effect of cyber-attacks or data breaches on a brand's reputation found a clear correlation to shareholder value, testifying an average decline of about 25% in value, a year after the attack.

The main immediate driver to accelerate the reputational crisis is the contagious dissemination of news — authentic and fake simultaneously — on social media platforms and instant messaging apps. The digital chatter and the mixing of rumors and facts allow negative spreaders to increase dramatically the dangerous impact of reputational risk, contributing to short and long-term financial loss.


Repshield's Solution

Upon the publication of a cyber-attack, the first hours are highly critical to safeguarding a reputation. Repshield's team swiftly moves to a situation room operational mode, to provide reputation analysis. We immediately divert all our technological power from different systems to work coherently in a deep search methodology to detect and analyze in real-time crucial indicators that provide valuable information to mitigate the reputational risks accompanying  the cyber-attack.


These indicators will normally include the flow of news, the negative spread of information, chatter sentiment, and hidden interests of bad actors exploiting the company's fragile condition and the locations they are operating from.


We use this vast amount of information collected to assess the various risks to the company's interests and recommend actions the company should take to reduce reputational risk and financial loss.

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