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Monitor & Alert

REPSHIELD’s state-of-the-art technological tools enable us to collect and monitor millions of relevant intelligence items from multiple sources. Automated analysis provides corporations' executives with critical reputation alerts.


REPSHIELD collects, monitors, clusters, and analyzes mass volumes of various internet conversations, detecting negative trends before intervention would even be needed. 

C.M.A Web Intelligence Protocol

The Collect, Monitor, Alert web-intelligence protocol (CMA) is the cornerstone of our work. The protocol allows us to deeply understand the customer’s needs, challenges, and opportunities. 

Accurate data gathering gives us knowledgeable insights for our customers, enabling critical alerts before becoming a reputational risk.



Technological tools collect Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on reputational risks evolvement. 


REPSHIELD's unique collection model from multiple sources allows us to create an accurate intelligence collection list, set up the technology for further monitoring and alerting, and assign the right analysts to the specific case.


Online monitoring of digital conversations from multiple sources provides us with the earliest detection possible, before intervention would be needed. 

As potential threats evolve, we analyze in real-time how online activities affect our customer’s actions. 


Upon detection, REPSHIELD's analysts provide immediate critical alerts about emerging reputational risks, giving you time to strategize before intervening. 


  • Deep understanding of the costumer's reputational challenges and opportunities

  • Provide accurate monitoring, reducing false positive Alerts


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